Not just a pampering experience

This page is for our current clients only. This is our way of saying thank you to all of our clients who have made us successful and who are dedicated just as much to themselves as we are to them.


Skin care is a necessity, not a luxury.

Bodywork should be part of a maintenance plan, not just a pampering experience.

Self-care is health care.

This is only for our clients who come and see us weekly-monthly. If you miss a session you will be charged full price for your next one


LaStone Therapy Monthly

monthly 90min $180

Aroma Hot Towel Therapy Monthly

60 min $135   90 min $175

Pregnancy Massage

monthly 90 min $150   weekly 90 min $140

Deep Tissue Massage Monthly

60 min $110   90 min $150   120 min* - $220

Daydream Signature Targeted

monthly 90 min $180   weekly 90 min $160

Swedish Massage Monthly

60 min $105   90 min $145


True Brazilian (2-3 inches of hair is left, & the hair is not removed from the labia or backside)

Specialty Wax  3 Weeks $60 4 Weeks $65

Premium Wax $60

Full Brazilian (Everything is removed front-back)

Specialty Wax  3 Weeks $70 4 Weeks $75

Premium Wax $60

Men's Full Brazilian is only done with Specialty wax.


Mens Brazilian $80

Mens Brazilian w/backside $90


60 Minute Spa Treatment $115

Glow & Go (no mask) 30 min $80

Back facials 60 min $90

Natural/Organic Facial 60 min $135



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