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Body Treatments

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90 MIN

This specialized treatment is a powerful restorative body mask. It increases your body temperature to eliminate toxins, including fat stores from tissues. Parafango is a combination of mineral-rich sea mud and paraffin. This gives you the ultimate detox and hydrating treatment. In this service, you are dry brushed to eliminate dead skin cells. Then we cover you with warm parafango wax. We allow you to rest comfortably while the toxins, impurities, and fat stores are drawn out.



30-60 MIN

The HydroPod is an enclosed but spacious “capsule” that you lay in with your head remaining outside. This treatment table has 22 shower jets, steam therapy, infrared light, light therapy, a rain forest mist that is filled with vitamins, and minerals, along with aromatherapy. Lay down and allow yourself to daydream as you melt your tension away. This treatment is great for detoxing your body, slimming, toning, revitalizing, as well as full-body relaxation. 

Massage Salts


Add on to the pod

This is an add-on service to the pod. We do not do this as an individual service. 

Mud Mask

This service helps draw out toxins, eliminates excess oil, unclogs pores, and removes dead skin cells.

Body Polish

You will receive a full-body invigorating exfoliation with a creamy base. You are then wrapped in a solar heat blanket for your skin to absorb the hydration. 

Coffee Exfoliate

The exfoliant reveals radiant skin while the caffeine wakes up the orange peel cellulite to aid in its reduction.


This eliminates dead skin cells revealing soft, supple, radiant skin!

Breakfast in bed, spa package



Wake up to a nourishing full-course offering of treatments at home or in the spa.   A warm Java Scrub will wake you up and our Hydropod is better than being curled up under the covers on Sunday morning. Includes a glow-and-go facial. This package does not come with a massage



Body scrubs



Our ocean-designed package removes that dry scaly skin and gives you radiant soft, hydrated, touchable skin. We start with a sea salt exfoliation, followed by a warm slimming seaweed body mask. You then are able to relax in our hydroPod. This package comes with a relaxing massage to follow your treatment.



Introducing our hydro therapy pod, which



This wonderful Body Treatment is performed in our HydroPod. As you let the stress of your days slip away we also perform a Gow & Go facial to leave you radiant from head to toe



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