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Add CBD pain-relieving cream to any massage for $50 

Services listed on this page are for individual treatments only. For couples' massages, please head over to our couples treatments page.

LaStone Therapy

90 min $215

Hot stone is a relaxing and detoxifying massage. The heat helps toxins to rise to the surface of the skin while the hot stones slowly melt the tension from your overstressed muscles. In our unique method of hot stone massage, we work with your energy points to help release any blocked chakras.

Aroma Hot Towel Therapy

60 min $165   90 min $205

In this treatment, we have steamed towels that have been steeped in aromatherapy essential oils. We place the towels on you throughout the massage giving you the ultimate relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage

60 min $130   90 min $165 

 monthly 90 min $150   weekly 90 min $140

We have a pregnancy pillow that allows you to lie completely comfortably on your stomach so we are able to reach all areas of your back to target the painful stresses of pregnancy.

Swedish Massage

60 min $120   90 min $160

You will receive a full-body medium to light-pressure massage. This is a relaxing massage that will leave you feeling renewed and energized!

Deep Tissue Massage

60 min $130   90 min $170   120 min* - $260

This type of massage breaks up adhesion that can cause pain in your muscles. This is a full-body massage. We do focused work so that it relieves chronic muscle tension and restores mobility. 

Daydream Signature Targeted Deep Tissue

60 min $155   90 min $205   monthly 90 min $190   weekly 90 min $170

This is Daydream Bodyworks' signature massage perfected with the best education and advanced techniques. We use a variety of modalities ranging from Myo-facial, trigger point, positional release, neuromuscular, manual therapies and much more. After this massage, you will feel “realigned and rejuvenated” This work is the most intense massage we offer to get your body back in working order. As stated in some reviews this message is “not for the faint of heart” but you will regain mobility you did not think possible. Joseph uses techniques of stretching the muscles and releasing multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Michaela uses techniques that work on individual muscles zeroing in on relieving tension in isolated areas.

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