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Quantum Hydration

Quantum Hydration with Electro Ionization Treats Sun Damaged or Rough Textured Skin Aging or Dehydrated Skin Acne or Oily Skin and Scar Tissue.


What is Quantum Hydration with Electro Ionization?

The Quantum Hydration with Electro Ionization procedure is a controlled penetration process. The Quantum technology combines negative or positive ion fields with natural saline solution, similar to the type used to rinse contact lenses. When the saline solution comes in contact with the ions, the saline becomes highly energized. This ionized gas disassociates molecular structure. Quantum Hydration works differently from lasers, which vaporize skins cells, or chemical peels, which utilize acid to burn skin cells. Quantum Hydration with Electro Ionization technology effects skin cells at a molecular level. The advantage of the cellular treatment is that substantial results can be achieved with little or no trauma caused to the skin. Quantum treatments are excellent for people with sensitive skin, acne, or those who have thinning skin and have lost elasticity.


The Quantum system consists of an ionization chamber that ionizes oxygen, which is released along with a saline solution. When brushed across the face, the ionization field tones tightens and sterilizes the skin creating a refreshed, enhanced appearance. The gentle non-invasive treatment does not remove the epidermis but rather forces ions into the epidermis to create a healing response. The Ion field created by the Quantum handpiece has also been shown to be highly antibacterial and is beneficial in treating acne. The entire treatment is typically performed in thirty minutes and leaves the skin tighter, firmer, sterile and hydrated.

How is the Quantum Hydration performed?

All makeup will be removed and the skin thoroughly cleansed. Because the procedure is wet extra towels are placed underneath the head and around the neck. Many clients report that this soothing wet treatment is very relaxing. The handpiece is placed in contact with the treatment area and moved lightly in a painting motion. Using the same saline solution used to hydrate our bodies, the Quantum Hydration procedure produces a cooling sensation as the saline is ionized and gently penetrated into the epidermis. The Quantum Hydration treatment is one of the few treatments that can be used over and around the eyes to reduce lines and tighten tissue. For best results, the Quantum Hydration treatment should be repeated four to six times at 7-day intervals. Clients with sensitive skin may experience temporary flushing or reddening of the skin. Optimum results occur when combined with a HydraFacial or Wet Diamond Abrasion.

What are the typical results?

Your skin will have a beautiful healthy glow, feeling refreshed and hydrated. You will notice a tightening effect leaving the skin firmer. Lines will be softened, loose tissue around the eyes, neck will be tighter and skin tone will be noticeably “evened out”. As the week progresses you will notice a continuing improvement in your skin. Clients suffering from acne or rosacea will notice an immediate calmness in the irritated areas and a reduction in inflammation. Makeup can be immediately applied after a treatment if desired.

No after-treatment is necessary because the skin tissue is clinically sterilized, super hydrated and the procedure is completely non-invasive. 
This makes Quantum Hydration a true corrective procedure with no “downtime” that has both long term and immediate results.

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