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Red Carpet Facials

At Daydream Bodyworks we are now creating our RED CARPET facials. In these specialized facials we will not only be addressing your immediate skin concerns but also look at your long term facial goals. Red Carpet Facials are perfect before a wedding, class reunions, a night out, or any reason you want the best facial you have ever had!


In all of our red carpet facials we will be concentrating on oxygen, collagen stimulation, exfoliation, rejuvenation, lift and tightening. All Red Carpet Facials have a number of advanced technologies, modalities, and advanced serums and ampules. All of our Red Carpet Facials start with our HydroLipid Cleanser. This lipid-rich cleansing oil revitalizes skin with nourishing oils which replenish nutrients essential to vibrant skin.


A powerful lipid soluble peptide, containing three amino acids, initiates the stimulation of collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis while strengthening the connective tissue. This cleanser rinses away make-up and impurities.


After we massage this cleanser into your skin we use a BT Sonic to aid in the removal of dead skin, impurities, and congestion. The BT Sonic is an exfoliating brush, but unlike the spin brushes on the market, it does not stretch the skin or harbor bacteria. This has antimicrobial and antibacterial Azul silicone bristles.


For our second cleanse we will use the best cleanser for your skin type using the MSB. the MSB helps to stimulate collagen growth and skin renewal ultrasonic breaks up dead skin cells and accelerate the natural production of HA.


MSB uses ioncare (positively charged ions) the deeply cleanse the skin and draw out congestion and impurities. Our final step of preparing your skin to receive the red carpet look is ultrasonic exfoliation, using oscillation. This will perform a micro-peel to cleanse deep within the pores. Depending on the facial, skin type, and results you are looking for we will determine to use an enzyme or not. 

All our Red Carpet facials start at $300




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