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Radiant Skin with FSD MicroPhototherapy

FSD MicroPhotoTherapy is an anti-aging device. You might think of it as a gentle IPL laser, although it’s not technically a laser. Especially as some skin types can’t undergo IPL laser therapy, the FSD technology makes it possible for anyone to enjoy a light-based treatment without the risk of hyperpigmentation.*

FSD uses patented Light and Heat Energy (LHE) which is a non-invasive, non-ablative treatment that does not harm or scar the skin. It uses pulses of light energy to reach deep under the skin and stimulate the growth of new collagen. FSD helps to soften fine lines and wrinkles. It also evens your skin tone and minimizes the appearance of pore size – giving you overall healthier looking skin.

FSD can be performed on the face, neck, décolleté, and hands. It’s a great treatment to add to your facial. Although you can feel and see results after one treatment, six to eight sessions are recommended for best results.

Using a combination of light and heat, Radiancy FSD delivers a powerful photothermal treatment to the dermis, where every skin cell is born, and where many skin problems originate. This awesome combination stimulates collagen and elastin! 



  • Clinically proven results

  • Non-invasive, non-abrasive treatment with no downtime

  • Restores a natural, radiant glow to your skin

  • Creates a creamy, luminous complexion by homogenizing skin tone (reducing both pigmentation and vascular “blotchiness”) 

  • Calms rosacea

  • Stimulates fibroblast activity, resulting in new collagen production

  • Decreases pore size

  • Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improves overall appearance

  • Proven safe and effective for almost all skin types   (not appropriate for Melasma and skin types V & VI)



  • Due to the application of flashing light, if you have a history of seizures, this technology may not be right for you.

  • Pregnant women

  • Clients taking medications, antibiotics, or have used lotions, or other chemicals/products that cause photosensitivity within the past 4 weeks.

  • Clients using Retin-A, Retinol or hydroxy acids must discontinue use 72 hours before treatment.

  • Clients treated with Accutane in the last 6 months

  • Clients on a steroid regimen for the last 3 months


Treatment Options

  • By giving the skin the energy it craves, visible results can be seen in just one treatment!

  • The collagen-building process takes time. A series of 6-8 treatments over 3-4 weeks will pump up your cells with the fuel it needs for long-lasting transformation. Best results are seen after a series, followed by 4-6 week maintenance sessions.

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