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Traditional Wax

Our traditional waxes are top of the line natural hard and soft waxes. The sterile disposable roll-on gives a clean and fast wax best for legs, arms, and back. Upgrade to 24k gold or chocolate wax for $5.

Bikini                            $30

High Cut Bikini            $40

Brazilian                       $65

Half Leg                       $35

Full Leg                        $60

Back                             $50

Back + Shoulders        $70


Specialty Wax

This is antibacterial and antimicrobial soya based liquid hair removal product. We have a Nufree Nudesse hair removal specialist available 7 days a week. For best results, your hair should be 1/4 inch long, or about 2 weeks of growth. Nufree Nudesse and the aftercare of finipil will reduce the pain, hair growth, and coarseness by about 1/3 each visit.  Please note: On Bikini, High Cut Bikini, and True Brazilian labia hair is not removed.

Bikini                                 $35

High Cut Bikini                 $50

Brazilian                            $70

Half Leg                            $45

Full Leg                             $75

Back or chest                    $55

Stomach or shoulders      $35

Half arm                             $30

Full arm                             $45

Eyebrow reshaping          $35

Eyebrow touch-up            $18

Lip or chin                         $18

Men's Brazilian        $90-$110



Get a sumptuous lash lift that can last 6-8 weeks. A fantastic alternative to lash extensions with virtually no after-care required! Add in a last tint for a semi-permanent mascara that lasts 3-4 weeks.

Last Lift                         $75

Lash Tint                       $45

Lift + Tint                      $105


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